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Container moving encompasses the transportation of shipping containers within the country or to international locations. A shipping container can range from the standard corrugated box to large reusable steel boxes. In all cases, container moving should involve the use of containers that are strong enough to stand up against the forces of shipping, storage and handling. There are a variety of containers used in the process of container moving.

One type of container for container moving is an intermodal freight container that is typically 20 feet in length and used as a means of reusable transportation of products and raw materials between locations and countries. Transportation of freight by an intermodal means is container moving using multiple modes of transportation such as rail, truck and ship without handling the goods inside the freight when changing of modes is involved. Cargo handling is reduced and freight can be transported faster as security is improved and damages and losses are reduced.

Another type of container used in container moving is the basic corrugated box made of corrugated fiberboard. A fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards make up the corrugated fiberboard and are commonly known as containerboard. Produced from natural unbleached wood fibers, containerboard is typically brown in color but its color can vary depending on the pulping process, the type of wood used and the amount of impurities contained in the wood. If a box needs to look more attractive on the outside, a white bleached coating is placed on top of the linerboard that fits on the outside of the box.

Wooden boxes are used for container moving for the shipment of heavy and dense products. They are more likely to be used when heavy and difficult loads are being transported and high strength is needed, when the boxes may be in a warehouse for a long period of time, when rigidity and stacking strength are important and when larger amounts of materials are being transported that require a bigger container.

Container moving can also use intermediate bulk shipping containers which primarily transport and store fluids and bulk materials. They may be constructed of plastic, steel or stainless steel and come in versions that are collapsible.

Container moving containers also include flexible intermediate bulk containers, sometimes known as Super Sacks, that typically store and transport granular products, such as sand, granules of plastic and fertilizers. Woven polyethylene or polypropylene are the materials of which flexible intermediate bulk containers are made and they range in height from 35 to 80 inches. The container itself weighs between five to seven pounds and is designed to transport one metric ton. Loops at the top are used to lift the container and a special opening in the bottom of the container serves to empty its contents.

Container moving containers can also be insulated shipping containers that transport products sensitive to temperature such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals and require that product freshness be maintained. Construction of an insulated shipping container might be a vacuum flask, molded Styrofoam similar to an everyday cooler, sheets of foamed plastic, reflective materials or gas filled panels.

Whatever it is that you are transporting you need to make sure that use the appropriate container when involved in container moving.

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